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A few other companies have tried to help people like you, become successful at drop shipping but they are all missing one of the 3 main elements necessary for success. The Success rate at DsGenie is astronomical, and the credit goes to the complete system that encompasses these 3 important elements. 
Revolutionary Software
Our software was created FOR Drop Shippers BY Drop Shippers. We even take input from our subscribers to ensure that we keep up to date with the growing needs of our members
Step By Step Training
Our training is to the point. We focus on the factors that will affect your success and nothing else. We know that you have limited time in the day and we do not want to waste any of it on actions that do NOT generate income. 
Online Community
Our community communicates both on Facebook and Slack. Due to the fact that limit DSGenie's Memberships, our successful members have no problem helping the new guys. 
  Start Making Money From Home Today 
A Simple & powerful System
It's Never Been Easier
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 We combined the simplicity of making money on eBay dropshipping with the power of a robust and innovative software that automates 70% of your efforts to make for a very simple and straight forward way to ACTUALLY start making money online tomorrow. 
  • Step 1: Use DSGenie to help you find other people that are dropshipping on ebay
  • Step 2: Use this insight to determine the best products for you to sell and how to price it
  • Step 3: Post these items to your eBay store and start collecting payments from customers
  •  Step 4: Purchase products from wholesaler or manufacturer and have it delivered to your customer
  •  Step 5: Repeat process at scale and watch your home business grow with 0 skillsets required 
See How Gretchen Has designed her life to be able to travel to Central America and still make money using DSGenie 
A Simple & powerful System
We Automate 70% Of Your Drop Shipping Business
Let us do the heavy lifting
The Software gives you that competitive edge and saves you time, which allows you to make a full time income in your spare time. All Drop Shippers have the same time in a day and what we aim to do with our software, is to no only save you time, but also to ensure that you are doing teh right actions which will stop you from wasting time.
Advance Price Tracking
DsGenie Tracks the Price Changes and Out of Stocks from your suppliers, and automatically edits your listings to suit.
In Depth Competitive Research
DsGenie allows you to easily see the top selling items of your competition, and this is one of the keys to Drop Shipping Success. This gives you solid data on what you can sell successfully.
All In One Sales Management System
DsGenie’s Software does not only help you Get the Sales, it helps you manage those sales also. With multiple sales daily, this is a necessary part of the software.
Single Mom makes 
$52,000 in 1 month

"I increased my sales 
1000% in just 10 days"

Over 1,000 Videos 
Step By Step Training Guide
What Makes you Money and How 
to Keep Making Money. Period.
We know that time is of the essence so our training focuses on what makes you money and how you can keep making money and nothing else. Our Goal at DsGenie is solely to allow you, the user, to make a full time income in your spare time Drop Shipping; and that is all our training is about.
Real Results. Real People.
These people were in the same boat as you. Hungry for success, trying to figure out the best way to ACTUALLY start making money online. Our software helps free up time and provide financial freedom for hundreds of people all over the world. When we say Results First, we mean it. We make decisions based on numbers, not theories because we know the numbers speak for themselves. 
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